Smoking Weed – Is it Dangerous to Health?

Smoking Weed – Is it Dangerous to Health?



The question”Is smoking weed harmful to health?” Is one that lots of people ask, however aren’t entirely sure the answer is yes.

smoking weed harmful to health


Pot is a drug, and therefore, it may lead to many health problems in people who use it. The most common and well known of those problems is lung cancer. Marijuana users who smoke over twenty or thirty joints per day are more likely to find this disease compared to non-users.

Another problem with marijuana

Another problem with marijuana is it can also damage the mind. Various studies have shown that users frequently have problems with short term memory, and this is especially true for young adults. Long-term bud users are more likely to have problems with memory. If you smoke bud, your brain will have to be nourished in order to work properly, and without proper nourishment you might have permanent damage done to your brain.

similar effects

Marijuana has been shown to have similar effects on the mind as alcohol does. The worst thing that you can do is get high and drive. Not only could you have deadly accidents if you do so, you’ll also place yourself at risk of a car crash if you are drinking. Both can lead to death.

head changes

If you are not currently using marijuana, then you need to probably give it a go. It is going to likely not harm you, but it isn’t advised. You could find that your head changes and you don’t enjoy being around weed.

contemplating using marijuana

If you are contemplating using marijuana, then you should probably stop now. You will find more than enough negative effects for one to cope with if you continue to use marijuana. You shouldn’t smoke marijuana in your vehicle, because even though you will smoke privately, this can place you in danger.

negative side effect

You might also want to examine into the many studies that have been done on marijuana. The studies that are done on bud show that it has been used for thousands of years and hasn’t shown any injury to health. The only negative side effect that scientists have found is there are particular people that have an increased risk of getting cancer. When they are using marijuana, they become more inclined to have these kinds of tumors.

necessarily dangerous to health

Marijuana is not necessarily dangerous to health, but it may be damaging if you choose it in too much. And you also use it for too long periods of time.

cause hallucinations

Marijuana may cause hallucinations and delusions. It can also make you feel drowsy or lose your sense of truth. It is also believed that you are more likely to become miserable when you smoke pot. Some people also have noted that when they cease, they become violent and suicidal.

Marijuana may cause problems

Marijuana may cause problems with your vision. This is why you should always have a plan if that you wish to smoke pot and require a smoke break.

Marijuana may cause problems

If you smoke pot, you might not understand that you are getting a lot of Marijuana may cause problems So if you’re a person who’s trying to lose weight, you’ll discover that you are eating more food once you smoke pot and not burning away the fat the same way that you burn off the calories when you eat everyday food.

marijuana is also highly addictive

You should also understand that marijuana is also highly addictive. You might believe that you are having a good time, but you might end up snorting more joints than you did before should you not restrict the quantity of marijuana that you’re using.

cause physical damage

Marijuana may cause physical damage to your lungs. Smoking marijuana can cause lung cancer, so you shouldn’t smoke marijuana whenever you have problems with your lungs. Marijuana smoke can also contain chemicals that could lead to cancer in people. These chemicals can build up in the human body, and this can lead to additional problems that you might not be aware of.

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